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help create a campus culture where the shared value of caring is upheld.

care is an action

living, learning, and working at a university can be stressful and sometimes the reason behind someone who is disruptive, threatening or irrational.

care stands for Campus Assessment Resource and Education and provides assistance to the university community to help assess and find solutions for managing distressing, disturbing, disruptive, and potentially dangerous behaviors.

learn more about when to refer

how to refer

care has an online reporting system to ease reporting and increase responsiveness to situations of concern.

learn more about submitting a care alert

what to expect

when a care alert is submitted, the care team works together to identify the best ways to follow-up.

learn more about what happens next.

need help now?

if this is an emergency and/or there is a potential threat to you or someone else dial 9-1-1 or call the department of public safety at (208) 426-6911.

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