Tori Removal
     She chose to have the tori removed. What looks painful, and very uncomfortable is not all that bad. You can see that in one appointment we remove the remaining teeth, and the tori. Talking about it is usually worse than living it.
    Here you can see a patient with Gum Disease, these teeth are no longer stable enough to hold a partial denture. The Patient doesn't wish to go through the time and expense to treat the Periodontal Disease and choses to go with a Lower Denture. The problem is the Bony growths on the side of her jaw. These projections will make a Complete Denture not fit stable and be uncomfortable.
      You can see by her two week check how well the mouth can heal with proper care. By the way this patient healed like this and she was 76 at the time.
         Now we are able to fabricate a Complete denture on a smooth ridge with no sharp projections to cause sore spots. Thanks to the added surgery of  Tori Removal and bone smoothing the denture fits quite nicely. This  patient was very grateful for this procedure, and does recommend it to her friends, who we also have seen.
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