Thats Really has to HURT, Don't you wait this long
Thats Gotta Hurt
Cracks are your First Warning Sign
Cracks are your First Warning Sign
Don't Wait till it breaks, then it is too late
He was just at a Dentist that said He Was ALRIGHT
Don't Wait till it is too late
You Don't have to look this bad to get Improvements
More Root Canals Are Wasted by Broken Teeth, Than by RCT Failures
Rest Seats Make For Tight Partials
Reasons For Crowns
Cracked and Broken Teeth
Large Fillings
    We do crowns on Teeth that are Cracked or have Large fillings to stop them from Breaking, and to reduce the Risk / Need for a Root Canal.

       Sometimes when they break there is no other choice than to extract the broken tooth.

     Once broken Crowns are usually indicated to once again give that tooth the strength needed to chew again.
Aesthetics and Old Fillings
Root Canalled Teeth
Rest Seats for Partials
You Don't have to look this bad to get  a Great Improvement
More Photos
    We do crowns on Teeth that have Root Canals. Root Canalled teeth tipically are more brittle that a regular tooth. So, Root canals cause teeth to be more likely to fracture. We crown these teeth to give them more strength.
    When a partial denture is going to be made, it will hold onto several teeth, to gain it's stability. These teeth will accept the force of chewing, they must be very sound in structure, or they will break. So, if a tooth has a large filling, it is usually wise to crown it prior to the fabrication of a partial denture.
    When teeth have extensive patches ( Fillings );  Crowns will give them the extra strength to avoid those embarassing Missing / Broken teeth days.

Not to mention Crowns may look better too.