Implant Surgery
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    This photo is our Immediate site closure, we use a technique that does not require any stiches.
    Here is a patient that has lost his front tooth. He has healed now for two months. We now know where the bone and soft tissue has heal to, so it is time to start the surgery.
    Here we have placed our implant. I have tested the implant placement, and I am preparing to close the  site.
    Here you can see how our site has healed after on week.
    Now we will wait 3 months to our second stage surgery. The second surgery will uncover the implant. Then the soft tissue will heal for 1.5 months then the final crown will be placed.
     On posterior teeth we use a technique that only requires one surgery, no second surgery. On front teeth we do our surgeries in two steps to get the most reliable and best esthetics possible. On posterior teeth usually this is not problem, and the total treatment time is cut to 4 months and only one surgery. We discuss this with our patients prior to surgery, so they can chose which healing pattern they would like.